Machine learning is all about understanding a problem. It’s the analysis of learning processes that leads to data selection and choosing the optimal model.

By optimizing processes and analyzing the data, you can instantly validate your actions and implement innovative solutions.

The created data sets undergo procedures like image processing, duplicate elimination, and image augmentation. Practice sets prepared this way help us images to teach object detection models.

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Industry 4.0

Maximize productivity and reduce the costs of quality control performed by qualified personnel. Computers quickly and precisely detect imperfections that a human eye can’t see.

Protection and security

Computer vision improves security at a workplace by monitoring the people requiring an increased level of care. Use artificial intelligence to observe, count, and locate people to provide top-level protection.


Implement computer vision to make better decisions and collect data that was impossible to collect just a few years ago.
Improve agricultural processes like planting, harvesting, weeding, and analyzing the weather by using drone records and satellite images of large land areas.

Special projects

Computer vision improves people’s reactions to unforeseen events. Currently, it’s been preventing the spread of COVID-19 by monitoring the efficiency of fans and masks.

Intelligence that you want to look at

Quickly take a temperature in an anonymous, automatic, and contactless way. This will work wonders in places like airports where you need to take the temperature of many people in a limited time.

Detect and monitor people’s activity while ensuring anonymity and data protection. It increases employees’ safety at a workplace, monitors the condition of the people requiring an increased level of care, and more.

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