Case Study: AI Image Classification


A  construction company sought to leverage AI and machine learning to revolutionize the way construction site images are managed and analyzed, reducing manual categorization effort and introducing efficient, automated solutions to enhance project documentation and oversight, thus improving overall construction management efficiency and effectiveness.

The Problems: 

They faced several challenges in their construction site management, including:

  • Difficulty in efficiently tracking construction progress due to manual image categorization
  • Slower response times and decreased accuracy in issue identification and subcontractor accountability
  • A lack of integrated platforms for effectively managing and analyzing construction site images
  • Frequent data inconsistencies affecting the quality and reliability of project documentation

Our Solution: 

The initiative at the company was launched with a strategic vision to harness AI and machine learning for automating the classification of construction site images, aiming to transform the cumbersome manual process of image management.

Driven by more than just the desire to boost operational efficiency and reduce manual labor, our goal was to establish a robust AI framework that not only supported efficient image management but also provided deeper insights for more effective project monitoring. This breakthrough was underscored by achieving an impressive 90-95% accuracy in image classification, marking a new era of efficiency and strategic capability in construction management.

Path to Success: 

  • Strategic Planning and Assessment: The customer initiated the project with a comprehensive assessment of current construction site management processes and challenges. This involved analyzing existing workflows, identifying pain points, and setting strategic objectives aligned with business goals and industry best practices.
  • Technology Exploration and Research: The company conducted thorough research into AI image classification technologies and their potential applications in the construction industry. This phase involved evaluating different AI models, assessing their feasibility, and determining the most suitable approach for addressing construction site image management challenges.
  •  Prototype Development and Testing: They developed initial prototypes of the AI image classification system, focusing on key functionalities such as image recognition, categorization, and data integration. These prototypes were rigorously tested in real-world construction site environments to evaluate performance, accuracy, and usability.
  • Iterative Improvement and Optimization: Based on feedback and insights gathered during testing, the customer iteratively improved and optimized the AI image classification system. This involved refining algorithms, enhancing model training processes, and fine-tuning system parameters to achieve higher accuracy and efficiency in image analysis.
  • Deployment and Integration: They deployed the finalized AI image classification system into production environments, seamlessly integrating it with existing construction management workflows and software systems. This phase included user training, system monitoring, and ongoing support to ensure smooth operation and maximize the benefits of AI technology in construction site management.


In just 5 days, Pragmile’s AI experts developed a cutting-edge image classification solution for the customer, achieving an impressive 90-95% accuracy in automatically categorizing construction site photos across 6 key project stages.


The automated classification system can significantly reduce manual effort and inconsistencies in cataloging construction progress, enabling more efficient project management and issue resolution.

Pragmile’s solution laid the groundwork for integrating AI-powered image tagging into customer’s document management workflows, paving the way for future enhancements and scalability.

Key takeaways from Solar Spy's journey:

  • Close collaboration with end-users is key.
  • Early data examination is crucial for spotting challenges.
  • Prioritize training data and model optimization for specialized industry success.

What Pragmile Offers:

As Pragmile continues to push the boundaries of innovation, businesses that partner with us can expect to benefit from their deep expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and commitment to delivering bespoke solutions. By harnessing the power of AI, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning, Pragmile empowers organizations to build a future where ideas meet expertise, driving transformative results across industries.

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