Case Study: Agile and Frontend Innovation for Scalability at Corporater


A company called Corporater sought to leverage modern frontend technologies and agile methodologies to revolutionize its software development processes, reduce overhead, and introduce new solutions in the governance, risk, and compliance sector, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Problems: 

Corporater faced several challenges in their software development process, including:

  • Difficulty in scaling development efforts to meet growing market demands
  • Inefficient processes leading to slower time-to-market and reduced customer satisfaction
  • Legacy frontend architecture hindering the adoption of modern technologies and best practices
  • Frequent bugs and patches affecting product quality and reliability

Our Solution: 

The initiative at Corporater commenced with a strategic vision to harness cutting-edge frontend technologies and agile methodologies, aiming to transform their decades-old software infrastructure and refine user interface interactions.

Driven by more than just the desire to boost development speed and product robustness, our goal was to construct a robust framework that not only supported streamlined development operations but also provided deeper insights for decision-making. This was underscored by a significant reduction in release-related issues, marking a new era of stability and confidence in product launches.

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Path to Success: 

    • Collaborative Assessment and Strategic Planning: Pragmile assessed Corporater’s existing development processes and frontend architecture by becoming part of the dev team, learning about the company from the inside, participating in introductory workshops, and comparing processes and software to industry best practices and their own experience. They preferred an evolution over a revolution approach.
    • Gradual Agile Transformation: Not initially mandated, the introduction of agile practices became a core component of the project. Pragmile introduced Scrum elements such as user story focus, sprint goals, and story point estimation, progressively transitioning to a Scrumban approach, enhancing predictability and team dynamics. 
    • Frontend Modernization:

To modernize the frontend, Pragmile kept the existing React, Redux and GraphQL base but added testing (Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress, Playwright), theming via styled- components, TypeScript, UX competence, kept libraries updated, and raised technical discussions.

  • Team Augmentation and Skill Enhancement:The advanced AI models are currently being further trained and will be fed back into the system soon to accommodate upcoming 15-minute forecasting frequency requirements.
  •  Knowledge Transfer and Ongoing Innovation: Pragmile’s engineers collaborated with Corporater’s team through workshops, collaboration, code reviews, organizing developer meetings, adding wiki articles, and systematizing best practices. They provided an external perspective by taking initiative on new architectural solutions, identifying challenges from hands-on experience, providing alternatives during technical meetings, managing areas of innovation, and gaining trust from Corporater to express opinions and act on them.


Corporater continues to thrive, leveraging the robust foundation established through its partnership with Pragmile. This transformation addressed immediate challenges in software development and set new benchmarks within the governance, risk, and compliance sector, ensuring that Corporater is equipped with reliable, efficient, and advanced tools for optimal software management.


The success of the agile transformation and frontend modernization at Corporater stands as a compelling testament to the transformative power of advanced technology and adaptive strategies. By addressing specific challenges with a clear vision and dynamic approach, businesses across various sectors can elevate their standards and practices, fundamentally enhancing their operational effectiveness and market competitiveness

Key takeaways from Corporater's journey

  • Leverage high performance teams with strong technical skills, low attrition, and a collaborative mindset to drive consistent delivery of high-quality solutions.
  • Adopt agile methodologies to optimize processes, improve customer satisfaction, and accelerate time-to-market.
  • Modernize frontend architecture with React ecosystem, testing, TypeScript, and theming to enhance efficiency, reliability, and maintainability.
  • Foster knowledge transfer and external perspective through close collaboration, workshops, code reviews, and developer meetings.
  • Continuously assess and refine processes based on hands-on experience and industry best practices to adapt to changing needs and drive long-term success.

What Pragmile Offers:

As Pragmile continues to push the boundaries of innovation, businesses that partner with us can expect to benefit from their deep expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and commitment to delivering bespoke solutions. By harnessing the power of AI, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning, Pragmile empowers organizations to build a future where ideas meet expertise, driving transformative results across industries.

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