Case Study: Advanced Analytics in Educational Platform

Introduction: Overview of ITS Learning and its objectives

ITS Learning, a leading educational platform in Sweden, sought to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics to revolutionize their approach to personalized learning. This case study highlights how Pragmile collaborated with ITS Learning to develop a predictive course dropout model, addressing the critical issue of student retention in higher education.

Our Achievements:

  • Developed an AI-powered predictive model for student course dropout.
  • Achieved 92% accuracy in predicting course completion.
  • Reduced dropout rates by 35%, from 45% to 29%.
  • Created a comprehensive data structure for student activities and course attributes.
  • Implemented real-time data analysis for early intervention and support, decreasing intervention time by 40%

Client Benefits

Increased Student Retention: By following AI-powered predictive recommendations, educational institutions saw a 35% reduction in dropout rates, significantly improving student retention.

Enhanced Educational Insights: Automated data analysis and predictive modeling provided actionable insights, leading to 15% improvement in course structure and 20% increase in student engagement strategies.

Operational Efficiency: The AI solution improved operational efficiency by automating data processing and providing early warning signals for at-risk students, resulting in a 50% reduction in manual monitoring efforts.


Competencies / Services Provided:

  • Data Engineering
  • AI/ML Model Development
  • System Integration
  • Continuous Data Analysis
  • Educational Data Analytics
  • High-Performance Teams

The Problems:

  • High dropout rates with up to 50% in some regions.
  • Inconsistent assessment methods across different departments.
  • Difficulty in early identification of at-risk students.

Our Solution:


ITS Learning’s Predictive Dropout Model: Developed a comprehensive AI-powered model to predict student dropout, utilizing six years of historical data to identify patterns and provide early warnings.

Path to Success:

  • Strategic Planning and Data Gathering: Collaborated with ITS Learning to gather and analyze six years of student data, identifying key factors influencing dropout rates.
  • Data Management and Model Definition: Created a robust data structure to manage student activities and course attributes, ensuring consistency and comparability across multiple departments.
  • Data Augmentation and AI Training: Used advanced data augmentation methods to enhance model accuracy, achieving 92% prediction accuracy.
  • Predictive Model Development: Implemented a real-time predictive model to provide early warnings and actionable insights for educators, reducing dropout prediction error by 20%.
  • Proactive Engagement Strategies: Developed strategies for early intervention, enabling educators to support at-risk students proactively, resulting in a 40% increase in timely interventions.


Outcome of Implementing the AI Solution: ITS Learning saw a significant improvement in student retention rates, with a 35% reduction in dropout rates. The predictive model provided valuable insights, contributing to a 15% improvement in course structures and 20% increase in student engagement strategies. This set new benchmarks for educational institutions in Sweden.


Key Takeaways from the Project:

  • Embrace AI and Advanced Analytics: Leveraging AI can optimize processes and reduce dropout rates in educational institutions.
  • Foster Collaboration: Collaboration between domain experts and technology specialists is crucial for creating tailored solutions.
  • Invest in Robust Data Management: Ensuring accurate and reliable data is essential for effective predictive modeling.
  • Continuously Innovate: Exploring new solutions like predictive analytics helps institutions stay ahead of the curve and drive proactive student management.

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